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The BIG Shop of Horrors House Rules



There are NO Refunds!  If you get scared right away or change your mind even before you go in… we did our job.  Once you buy a ticket (CASH or EVENTBRITE ONLY) you agree to this rule.  Sorry, no refunds and no exceptions.


Please be respectful and DO NOT touch the actors, sets or props. We will NOT touch you.


This attraction is not meant for young children. No child under the age of 8 will be allowed entry. Children between the age of 8 to 12, MUST be accompanied by an adult.


If you have any signs of being intoxicated in any form or have bad behavior/attitude, you WILL be refused entry.


NO flashlights, cell phones, cameras or open flame permitted.  It ruins the show for you and your friends.  Plus…it hurts the zombie’s eyes.


Keep all of your belongings safely secured in your pockets, back in your vehicle or at home.  Do not bring them to a Haunted House. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. We DO NOT stop the event or permit people back inside to look for lost items.


NO running, pushing or bad behavior.


NO food or beverages inside the Haunted House.


Absolutely NO smoking or vaping inside the Haunted House or anywhere on the property.


You are allowed and encouraged to scream, be scared, and have fun but please be respectful.  The DEAD have feelings too and are not volunteering to get put down, assaulted, or disrespected.


WARNING: Our attractions are dark and in some places, we do use strobe lights, fog and atmospheric effects.  If you have any form of claustrophobia, asthma, are prone to seizures, are in third term pregnancies, have any broken bones that are healing, injuries or mobility challenged, we recommend you do not enter for your own health and safety.

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